Review: The Raven


Just want you people to know this isn’t Edgar Allen Poe‘s poem The Raven.

This is best selling author, Sylvain Reynard’s new novel and first book in her new series.

If you were a fan of the Gabriel Inferno series then you will greatly enjoy this book. If you’ve never heard of the series then go read the books before you get started on this one. Oh, and readers should read The Prince, which is the prequel of the The Raven. This is just the first book and already its erotic, sensual, suspenseful, and mysterious, this book is just a must read now book!

Raven Wood is an American girl working a gallery in Florence, Italy and she just loves her work and living in Italy. One night, when coming to the aid of a homeless man, Raven suffers an attack from a group of men, blacks out, and when she awakes, she’s not only alone in her apartment but her appearance is different. Not only that, Raven can’t remember anything about the attack, and  realizes something is wrong when she arrives at work and there’s nobody who recognizes her.

 William of York AKA The Prince, is all about protecting his city. He’s the typical character who has no time for love. We all know what happens to male characters who believe in that. They’re doomed and that’s exactly what happens to William when he saves Raven, he feels drawn to her and wants her when he usually doesn’t want anybody.

I won’t get into any more detail but trust me you will fall in love with not only with The Florentine series but with William and Raven as well.


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