Review: Bound by Flames


First things first,

Yes, I know its been released for a month now but I just had to do a review about it.

I’ll admit it that when I heard that when Jeaniene Frost said she was making the Night Prince series I wasn’t interested in it. Yeah, Vlad was going to be one of the main characters but I still didn’t care. However, when the Night Huntress series ended I need something to drown my sorrows…….Boy did the Night Prince books help. I finished the first two books on the same day and couldn’t wait for Bound by Flames to be released! I’m always going to be a Cat & Bones fan and no one in the Night Huntress world will come close to them but Vlad & Leila come close into being a rival.

In this third installment, Vlad and Leila are looking to find Szilagyi and bring him down once and for all. Both are still working out their relationship since Vlad wants Leila safe and away from danger but as we all know that’s not her nature and Leila is determined to help track Szilagyi. Unfortunately, Vlad’s fears come into fruition when he leaves Leila for awhile and while he’s gone Szilagyi attacks the castle. Won’t give too many spoilers away but lets just say Leila and Vlad really do suffer being separated. Made me feel bad for Vlad.

On the plus side, we got to see Cat & Bones but only for a brief appearance. I really didn’t care for how short it was because I was just glad to see them again! I hope they show up in the final Night Prince novel even if its just another brief appearance.

Overall, I thought this was an amazing novel and I’m excited for the next book but at the same time I don’t think I can last till 2016….T-T…….*sniffs* oh well, what can we do? I’ll be able to survive the long wait.


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