Review: Killer Within


Jeff Gunhus’ latest novel, Killer Within shows you how the mind of a psychopath functions who just happens to be one of the main characters. Arnie Milhouse is ready to end his 13 year old killing spree but just like so many of the killers we’ve heard of; Arnie wants one last victim before leaving town. His next victim is Allison McNeil who has her own agenda in mind.

Throughout reading the book I was on the edge of my seat and could not relax until the very end. Especially when you think you know how the story is going to be but then BANG! Everything turns out to be way different then what you expected. Not only do you read from a psychopath’s POV but you see a game being played between the two main characters throughout the story. You do not get the winner until the end and let’s just say I hope that we get a sequel with the winner in it again.

*I received Killer Within from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*  


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