Review: A Horse for Kate


In this novel, A Horse for Kate, a young girl named Kate moves to a new town in the country of O’Dell, Oregon with her family leaving behind the city life in Spokane, Washington . In this new town Kate has to adjust to a new school, friends and a different home. For those of us who have had a similar case we all know it’s sometimes hard at first but things do get better. Which is what happens with Kate when she eventually makes a new friend in Tori and both girls two become inseparable. When Kate left behind the city she also left behind horseback riding but in the country she finds a neglected horse which she cares for.

When I read the summary I just had to read this book. I’ve always enjoyed stories about children/teenagers who have a dream and a chance to get it. I would say this book is perfect for young girls. By reading it they can learn so much. Like the importance of values, actions, friendship, love for animals, and compassion. It’s also a good book for young readers to read so they can become aware of some of the harshness in the world.

*I received A Horse for Kate from NetGalley in return for an honest review.*  


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