Review: Obsession in Death


Okay okay I know Obsession in Death came out over a week ago but I couldn’t resist to make a review on it.

You would think a series that’s gotten to it’s 40th story (a round of applause everybody!) would get boring and tiring to read by now but the In Death series is one series that never gets tiring and boring!

In this novel, author J.D. Robb shows us how far Eve Dallas has come since we first met her in the first novel, Naked In Death.  Just look at her now! Eve is happily married and has so many friends and loved ones. Of course that comes with a risk and in this novel that many connections is dangerous because our Eve is being stalked by a killer. J.D. Robb picked a great title for this one because this killer is really obsessed with Eve and you’ll need to read this book to see how far the obsession is. You know I’ll be honest since I first started reading the In Death series I’ve been hoping J.D. Robb would write a book about a killer obsessed with either Eve or Roarke. Looks like I’ve got my wish. Now I’ll be waiting for Roarke’s turn to attract someone who would go as far as to become a killer like the one in this book. I’m not saying this book was boring I loved it but let’s just say I bet Roarke would have a longer list of suspects who are obsessed with him.


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